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Business transactions and Corporate law encompasses many disciplines. The first basic aspect of Business Law is incorporation. Incorporation can occur in Florida, or in any other state. An entrepreneur can incorporate an entity to run a business, or can incorporate an entity to hold Real Property.

Regardless of the reasons for incorporation, it is very important to draft business Agreements that detail who the owners are, the purpose of the business, how it will be managed, the terms of any proposed sale, the terms of dissolution, etc. If a corporate entity does not have an Operating Agreement, then State Laws would apply to the any questions relating to the management, operations, and dissolution of the Entity, which may not always be favorable or the intended outcome to a dispute.

Business Law also encompasses ancillary business documents such as Promissory Notes, Mortgage Deeds, Leases, Employment Agreements, etc. These documents may be needed by a business owner or by Parties pursuant to a Personal transaction to ensure a debt is secured and repaid (Promissory Notes).

Business Law Attorneys can be utilized in a sales transaction for the purchase and sale of a business, or Merger of a business, or even a partial sale or gift of stock to a third-party or family member.

Business Succession Planning is often integrated with Estate Planning objectives to allow family members to pass the shares in their family business to younger generations efficiently, conveniently, and with minimum tax consequences.

Business Litigation occurs when two Parties reach an impasse and cannot agree as to the terms of an Agreement or the management of a business. Business Litigation can come into play if there is a breach of fiduciary duty, or if a manager has been mishandling company funds. Although it is best to resolve such disputes outside of court, such disputes often times end up in Court as a last resort.

Having a competent and experienced Business Litigation Attorney on your side is key for prevailing in Litigation. Also, often times, Transactional Business Attorneys are useful in deciphering the ins and outs of the documents themselves, which aids the Litigation Attorney in pursuing and/or defending claims you and your business.

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