Estate Planning Mistakes, And How To Recognize Them

Estate Planning Mistakes, And How To Recognize Them   1. Make sure your Will is up to date. Even better, use trusts to avoid Probate and incapacity. Very often Revocable Trusts are the answer along with an updated Will. 2. Updated Revocable Trust. Why leave the burden of your passing on your children. Pre-plan. Revocable […]

Estate Planning For the Same-Sex Couple

ESTATE PLANNING FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES Estate Planning and Trusts Lawyer As of January 6, 2015, same-sex marriage became legal throughout Florida with the cases of Brenner v. Scott and Grimsley v. Scott ruling Florida’s constitutional and statutory same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional.  With such change comes many additional rights that same-sex couples may have not had […]

Using Supplemental Needs Trusts in Your Estate Planning

USING SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS (OR SUPPLEMENTAL NEEDS TRUSTS) IN YOUR PLANNING Estate Planning and Trusts Lawyer A Special Needs Trust, or Supplemental Needs Trust as it is commonly referred to, is a special kind of Trust which allows a person who is eligible for public benefit programs to receive such benefits while also receiving a […]

Five Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed

FIVE REASONS TO HAVE YOUR PROPERTY SURVEYED Real Estate Lawyer Whether you are purchasing a home or have lived in your home for years, it is always recommended to obtain a Survey on your Property. The following are a few reasons to have a Survey completed: 1. RIGHTS OF WAY AND EASEMENT: A Survey will […]

Estate Planning Documents Everyone Should Have

BASIC ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE Estate Planning and Trusts Law Creating a Basic Estate Plan has many advantages during your lifetime and/or after your death. Some of the advantages include: the freedom to select the individual taking care of your personal affairs if you become disabled or die (rather than the Court), the […]

Overview of the Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase

OVERVIEW OF THE RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE CONTRACT FOR PURCHASE AND SALE  Real Estate Lawyer A Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate has a number of components, which can be confusing and oftentimes complex. Failure to select strategic terms in a Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate or abide by […]

Six Reasons Why Shareholders of a Company Should Execute Shareholder Agreements

SIX REASONS WHY SHAREHOLDERS OF A COMPANY SHOULD EXECUTE SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENTS Business Transactions and Corporate Lawyer A Shareholder Agreement is an arrangement among the Shareholders of a Corporation describing how that Corporation should be operated and the rights and obligations of Shareholders. A Shareholder Agreement differs from Bylaws and is most often used in Closely-Held Corporations, […]

Five Contract Drafting Tips

FIVE CONTRACT DRAFTING TIPS Business Transactions and Corporate Lawyer It is important to enlist a licensed attorney to assist in the actual drafting and negotiations, but there are a few tips you can do as a business owner to assist in the contract drafting. 1. WRITING – whether a contract is supposed to be in writing by […]

Updating Operating and Partnership Agreements

UPDATING OPERATING AND PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS Business Transactions and Corporate Lawyer When you have any sort of corporate restructuring, such as membership or other ownership changes – it is important to update your operating agreements to reflect those changes. Not doing so may result in your older operating agreement being obsolete and your company being left unprotected. […]

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